Determine the Market Value of Your Home
You’ve decided to sell your home, so what is next? Pricing your home is obviously a key
part of the home selling process. A home that is under-priced needlessly costs the client
potential return. An over-priced home can remain on the market for an extended amount of
time, forcing the seller to either wait out a long listing period or have to adjust down the
asking price. Getting the pricing right from the start avoids these potential pitfalls. If your
home was on the market and did not sell, you are probably wondering

To get us started I will prepare for you what is called a
Comparative Market Analysis  
(CMA) of your house. This compares your home to others in the area that are either
currently listed, under contract, or have recently sold. Other things that can factor into the
CMA are supply and demand, craftsmanship, and the amenities of your home.

The CMA will help us to determine the
fair market value. What is “fair market value”, you
may ask? In short, fair market value is the highest price that an informed buyer will pay for
your home. Establishing fair market value will enable us to sit down and discuss in detail the
pricing and or value of your home. I want to help you settle on a price that you feel is
competitive and consistent with the current market.
To protest your property tax value,
please call me for assistance.

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